420 - Dry Organics Vaporizer - MMJ.

This Medical Marijuana 420 vaporizer is specially designed for dry "organic" material. Designed for marijuana flowers, marijuana oil, BHO, dabbing or dry tobacco.

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The efresh weed portable marijuana pen vaporizer is the best battery powered portable dabbing vaporizer available!!

Your new Weed Vaporizer comes with:

  • The Unit
  • Battery (click power button 5 times to toggle on/off) press and hold to operate.
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • Chamber Connector
  • Wall Adapter
  • USB Charger

"Since our first medical mmj vaporizer buyer's guide in 2011, a plethora of new pen-sized weed vapes have hit the market – offering weed consumers a stealthy, convenient way to get high in almost any location or situation. But with so many options, how can John Q. Weedy know which ones are worthy of their cash and stash, and which ones are worthy of the trash? Well, fear not, loyal readers – that’s where we come in. top marijuana - vapor pens so that you can get ripped without getting ripped off. We’ve provided vital specs on each of the following devices and judged them based on seven criteria: affordability, durability, versatility, high, stealth, health, and ease of refill. But first, some general info ..."

With conduction heating, the substance to be vaporized is placed on an element that is then heated to release the active ingredients. These types of medical marijuana vaporizers generally consist of a wick (usually silica) and a metal filament or coil (made of nickel, aluminum or steel), often encased in a small bowl (typically ceramic). These systems may produce smoke if you dry-burn them, so it helps to soak the wick with concentrate first, either by filling the tank with solution or applying a dab and letting it drip down. Accessing the wick tank often requires prying off a small plastic lid, which is used to contain the glycerin solution. If you’re using more solid concentrates (such as wax, budder, etc.), the plastic lid should remain off.

The efresh weed vaporizer has been tested and approved (for use with nicotine in e-cigarettes as well as legal medical marijuana, BHO, dabbing use) and present no health issues pertaining to their components. - happy times.

The Winners

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efresh – First weed Place

The device at the top of our list of Medical MMJ vaporizers: efresh weed vaporizer. Of all the dry weed vaporizer pens we tested, this weed vaporizer was the only one to rate a perfect score – almost unanimous 5s all across the board. It had the easiest pull and clearest taste, with one judge even commenting that it was “like smoking a real pot dubie” The fact that you can use it for marijuana flowers as well as marijuana concentrates, dabbing, BHO without having to change the tank makes it one of the most versatile marijuana vaporizers. We felt this was the best-quality product we tested. This device is an excellent choice for legal marijuanamedical MMJ patients, medical pot users will love the discrete look. Musts medical marijuana and medical MMJ patients agree this is the best weed vaporizer or BHO dabbing vaporizer available.

Materials: Aluminum and stainless steel

Heating: Stainless steel coil; 375°F to 450°F

For use with: Flowers, concentrates, glycerin (with separate attachment)

Kit includes: Standard battery unit; ceramic-lined tank; rubber mouthpiece with ceramic filter; USB charger and AC adapter; packing/dabbing tool; cleaning brush; two replacement coils (glycerin tank, wax dab glass globe sold separately).


Compare Price: $89.95

Your efresh Price: $39.99

best marijuana vaporizer on the market. highest rated weed vaporizer available. -
"a must have for all pot smokers", Medical MMJ, medical marijuana patients love this vaporizer.
can be used for medical marijuana, dry tobacco or other dry herb, marijuana, legal marijuana, marijuana oil, marijuana flowers.
Can be used in Colorada and Washington State for legalize marijuana use, or other cities where use of marijuana, weed, marijuana extracts, bho, dabbing, weed flowers, weed extracts is legal. Weed use is a personal choice, medical mmj patients consult your doctor.


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$39.99 $89.99